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UPDATED 4/16/20: COVID-19 Distance Learning Support Guide

By Frank Adamo
Date: 4/16/20
P2 Leaders – Thank you for continuing your important work during this difficult time. Your feedback is always important to us. We heard you loud and clear when some of you mentioned that accessing the resources remotely was a little tricky. We have several different ways to allow students to continue learning about character strengths through the P2, which are explained below.
1. Character Cards
The Character Cards are a completely open resource, and they provide a 1-page, detailed look at each character strength. You can directly link any of these cards right into Google Classroom or send home links directly. I use these cards regularly in my classroom, and I can’t overstate the value that I see in sending these home with students and parents.
2. Public Slide Presentations — Based on P2 Annual Calendar
To make everything more accessible, we have updated our Google Slides share settings and decided to make the character strength of the week available publicly.  To find the character strength of the week, please refer to our calendar, located here.  By searching the name of the character strength in our resource library, you will find the slides appropriate to your desired grade level. This will allow all teachers to send the link to a slide presentation — or share it in Google Classroom.  We’ll be opening the presentation publicly during the day each Sunday, and closing it back down the following week.  During that open window, no student will need to sign in to see the content.
If you are not following our calendar, that’s totally fine. We are still setting up schools with distance learning support as outlined below.
3. Distance Learning P2 Calendar Extension
And, speaking of our calendar, because we know how important character is during these uncertain times, we have extended our calendar (linked here) out until the end of June. During each of those weeks, the character strength slide presentations will be publicly available. By leaning into gratitude, bravery, perseverance, creativity, being present with others, and teamwork one more time before summer starts, we hope students will be better prepared for returning to school this fall.
4. Student Accounts (Only by Partner School Request)
For Partner Schools, we can add student Google Drive accounts (no other demographic information) to a Google Group that will allow teachers to post links that their students will be able to access through their distance learning platform of choice.  We only add student accounts upon a Partner School’s specific request.  At the end of COVID-19 distance learning, we will delete all Google Groups with the student accounts.  No communication ever happens between P2 and any student account.
5. Parent Email Accounts (Bulk Upload)
Partner Schools can add parent email addresses and, therefore, authorize a parent address for access on behalf of their child(ren).   The link to get started with this process is at the bottom of this blog post: https://posproject.org/covid-19-plan-to-support-partner-schools-with-distance-learning/
6. Parent Self Sign-Up
For Partner Schools, who do not want to provide all of their parent email addresses, we also have an option for parents to self sign-up for access.  This is an opt-in policy, allowing each individual parent to acknowledge that they are signing up to access P2 resources using their email address. Please contact us for more information.
7. Live Broadcasts
Considering that so many schools are working with asynchronous or synchronous tools, it’s also possible for teachers to build our presentations directly into screencasts or live broadcasts.  By using our slide presentations as the background of their produced materials, they do not need to provide parents or students with access to the documents themselves.

Frank Adamo
Ed. Tech Coordinator

Frank Adamo is The Positivity Project's Ed. Tech Coordinator. He is also an 8th grade English teacher in Niskayuna, NY. Frank is passionate about maximizing technology's impact in the classroom. He regularly works with parents, students, teachers and administrators on the benefits of using technology in the classroom as well as the opportunities and drawbacks of social media in the digital age.