Training is a key step in the Partner School journey.

The Positivity Project empowers Partner Schools with the resources, training, and strategy to successfully teach students about positive relationships and character strengths. We offer a variety of options to meet your training needs, such as on-demand training included in your partnership, in-person training, and live virtual training. Open the options below to learn more.

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P2 Training Opportunities

Included in Annual Partnership

P2 100 Video: The purpose of the P2 100 Video is to train your school’s entire staff in 3 hours or less — at a time of your choosing — to understand (a) the research driving P2 and (b) how to successfully implement the P2. It features 50 minutes, broken into 8 separate videos, of P2 co-founder Mike Erwin directly teaching the research behind positive psychology, character strengths, and the importance of relationships. Following Mike’s 8 videos, we have included videos of our Ed Tech Coordinator explaining how to access P2 resources — and videos of “P2 in Action” at partner elementary, middle, and high schools. We provide step-by-step instructions for how to successfully lead this training. (NOTE: The P2 100 Video link is here. If you need help accessing it, please contact

P2 for Educators: P2 for Educators consists of a series of presentations and resources designed to purposefully bring the benefits of The Positivity Project to school professionals. The purpose of P2 for Educators is to enhance school culture and individual well-being by deliberately engaging staff members, as adults, on the importance of positive relationships and character strengths in their own lives. These sessions create a time and place for educators to learn, discuss, and plan future actions based on current research connected to education, positive psychology, and the cultivation of individual and collective well-being. (NOTE: Link for Partner School educators is here and P2 for Educators can also be found in our Resources Library)

Monthly Virtual Overview Sessions: The first Tuesday of every month at 11 am EST, and the first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm EST, from April through December, P2 School Success Coordinators will provide a 45 minute P2 overview for Partner School leaders, who may also ask questions regarding their own school’s P2 implementation. Sign up for your session here.

Customized Professional Learning

Looking to provide your team with a personalized experience that is intentionally designed to meet their specific learning needs? 

Choose from a robust menu of content, facilitation style, and time allotments to best serve and support your learning community. Each training session includes an initial consultation with our team, along with a follow-up meeting ahead of the session to provide time and space for our Partner Schools to preview, make final edit requests, and approve content, ensuring agency and a meaningful, informed professional learning plan.

*6-hour Professional Learning purchases made within three months of a Partner School’s registration will be discounted by 10%.

On-site: $5,399
Virtual: $2,699

  • We have been inspired with what we have seen in our school community since implementing The Positivity Project. We know that what we are teaching and discussing in our classrooms will forever change the way our students understand, look at, and treat others.
    Brett Woodcock, Principal at Morgan Road Elementary School
  • We are in the business of changing lives, and partnering with The Positivity Project has rekindled that fire.
    Jeremy Mitchell, Principal at Indian Hill Elementary School
  • The seminar was amazing and just what our school needs. All of us cannot wait to start in our classrooms and then we are going to teach our staff. While in the class I was designing the walls of the school to reflect P2!
    Teacher, P2IT Fairfax County Attendee
  • This concept is exactly what students need right now. The focus on other people and interacting with people to find happiness is profound for today's youth.
    Teacher, P2IT Grand Blanc Attendee
  • I leave a LOT of seminars wishing for my time back. This one, I left and wished I had another day of it all! I think this is going to make a difference one school and one child at a time.
    Teacher, P2IT Syracuse Attendee