P2 100 On-Site

Ready to maximize the effectiveness of The Positivity Project (P2) in your building? We are here to guide you. Our P2 Trainers deliver dynamic, insightful on-site training, tailored to your school’s unique needs.

The P2 100 Implementation Training is intended for schools brand new to The Positivity Project — and schools that have implemented for multiple years. You will leave this training with a concrete plan for when and how to integrate – or reinvigorate – The Positivity Project at your school.

Choose Your Path: Dive deep with our Full-Day Training, exploring the core principles of character strengths, positive relationships, and successful P2 implemention. Or, opt for our Half-Day Training for a concise yet impactful experience.

Tailored to You: We understand one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our training is flexible, catering to your school’s specific goals and schedule.

Book Your Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our team and tailor a P2 100 Implementation Training to meet your school’s needs.

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Full-Day Training

6-Hour Training

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Tailored to meet your needs.

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Ready to have your entire staff trained on the timeless nature of character strengths and positive relationships — and how they can positively impact your students? Schedule a consultation with our team and tailor a P2 100 Implementation Training to meet your school’s needs.


  • Full-Day P2 100 On-Site Training: $10,000*
  • Half-Day P2 100 On-Site Training: $5,000*

*Discounts available for multi-year partnerships.

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Why Choose P2-100 On-Site?


  • Staff-Wide Training: Foster full buy-in from educators on the importance of character and relationships in education.
  • Proven Strategies: Leave with a concrete plan on why, when, and how to implement The Positivity Project in classrooms and school-wide.
  • Lasting Impact: Equipped with staff-wide knowledge and inspiration — and a clear plan of action — your school is prepared to make a lasting impact on students.
  • Customized Learning: Tailored to address the specific needs of your school, ensuring applicability to your staff and students.
  • Hands-On Resource Utilization: Direct experience with The Positivity Project’s extensive resources, enabling educators to confidently navigate and apply these tools for effective use in the classroom.

What’s Included?


  • Introduction to The Positivity Project (P2): An overview of P2’s mission, vision, and proven process for success in PreK-12 schools.
  • Exploring Character Strengths and Positive Relationships: In-depth exploration of character strengths, the scientific underpinnings of positive relationships, and key research insights.
  • Tier 1 Implementation Focus: Strategies for implementing Tier 1 lessons and integrating character strengths into school-wide vocabulary.
  • Building Positive Classroom Environments: Techniques for fostering positive relationships, leading P2 lessons, and engaging student discussions.
  • Accessing and Utilizing P2 Resources: Navigating The Positivity Project’s Resource Guide, hands-on practice with resources, and a final Q&A on implementation tools.
  • Our experience with the implementation of P2 has been very positive. Because this is our first year using P2, our staff received PD in the spring, and then again before school started in the fall. These sessions provided our staff with explicit instructions on how to access the weekly lessons, which are very straightforward and teacher-friendly. We look forward to seeing the cumulative effect of teaching our students these character traits.
    Chris Martelli, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Salt Creek School District #48