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The Positivity Project is a nationwide movement. We base our impact on a simple equation: I=EN or Impact = Effectiveness (in each Partner School) x Number (of Partner Schools).



P2 is grounded in research on character strengths and positive relationships. Research shows a sense of relatedness is vital to students’ academic motivation and social development. To see why students reported greater feelings of having quality relationships with others and believe P2 “makes me feel understood,” please click the buttons below.


Also, please note that P2 meets the criteria for a Tier 2 evidence-based intervention under ESSA. Tier 2 interventions (practices or programs) must provide moderate evidence demonstrating that one or more well-designed and well-implemented quasi-experimental studies support it.


International Journal of Education: Character Education to Improve Students' Sense of Relatedness

Student Sense of Relatedness Survey

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Social Sciences: Positivity in Action


We are always listening to our Partner School educators — the people on the ground implementing P2 every day — to continuously improve our resources and help educators empower their students to build positive relationships and become their best selves. To see what Partner School educators think about The Positivity Project, please click the button below.


Partner School Educator Survey


Percent of Partner School educators believe P2 helps them better understand their students.


Percent of Partner School educators believe P2 helps students learn about themselves.


Percent of Partner School educators would recommend P2 to other schools.


We are committed to growing fast because we believe The Positivity Project has an important role to serve in our country. Creating citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country cannot be confined to one demographic. We are growing through organic word-of-mouth, and partnering with schools in urban, suburban, and rural communities, in public, private, and charter schools. From 1 Partner School in 2015 to over 800 Partner Schools in 2022, The Positivity Project is just getting started.

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