Project Based Learning

Why PBL?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional delivery model that allows students to explore an authentic, real-world task and challenges them to create a unique solution. Through the process, students will have opportunities to research and inquire, develop a unique solution, focus on reflection and feedback, and, finally, share their solution with an audience. PBL for The Positivity Project (P2) will focus on developing the 24 character strengths and the Other People Mindset.

About P2 PBL

The P2 PBL units are divided into two categories: school-wide projects and class-based units. The school-wide projects can be used to celebrate people in the community, bring awareness to the P2 mission, or foster a school culture where students across grade levels focus on helping others. The class-based units allow teachers to enable students to apply individual character strengths — and perceive the synthesis of multiple strengths — while making rich, authentic connections to school subject material.

Teachers will have the choice of when to use each PBL unit — and will have to do some planning to make the unit fit their classroom needs. It is neither intended nor realistic that teachers implement all of the units. Instead, teachers should select units that best meet their students’ needs and their curricular goals.

Implementing P2 PBL

Included on this website are links to all of the resources you will need to implement the PBL model in your P2 implementation. The first step is to familiarize yourself with how to implement P2 PBLs.

How to Implement P2 PBLs

P2 PBL Library

Once you’ve reviewed the P2 PBL process, visit the P2 PBL Library to explore the available projects. Teachers will find that P2 PBLs range across grades K-12, with the challenge increasing in scale, depth, and rigor as the grade levels increase.

Each slide presentation includes all the necessary resources to successfully implement the unit. However, a teacher should read through the slides and make choices in how to scale the project based on readiness and time. Red font on the slides indicates where the teacher must make these considerations.

Explore the P2 PBL Library