P2 Resources Overview

P2 is designed to have a “low floor, high ceiling, and wide walls.” That means P2 daily 15-minute lessons are off-the-shelf and easily usable by any teacher – but Partner Schools can also take P2 concepts to higher levels or use P2 in imaginatively wide-ranging ways that best meet their community’s needs.

Our slide presentations serve as the fundamental building block for off-the-shelf (i.e., “low floor”) resources. These tools subsequently go “up” through project-based learning (PBL), P2 for Families, 2-week middle and high school relationships courses, and middle and high school electives – and they go “wide” through assemblies, ambassador programs, and other school-specific tools to engage students, staff, families, and the local community.

*Please note: Instead of a tiered menu of options, P2 Partner Schools have access to all of the resources listed below. We consider P2 resources to be “alive,” as we are constantly enhancing them to meet your needs. That’s because our P2 Partner Schools get the best that we have to offer – as soon as it’s ready. To see our pricing tiers, visit: https://posproject.org/pricing/

Daily Lessons

P2’s daily lessons are the foundation for Partner Schools. These lessons, delivered via Google Slides, are designed to be engaging for students and “off-the-shelf” for teachers. Differentiated by every grade level from Pre-K–12, Partner School teachers use these for teaching character every day – in 15-minutes or less – with little to zero prep time.

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P2 for Families

P2 for Families is an easy and effective way for families to discuss the importance of character strengths and positive relationships. It is differentiated for grades Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12. Each character strength follows a 1-1-3 model: 1 quote, 1 video, and 3 questions to drive conversations around character at home.

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P2 for Educators

The purpose of these resources is to enhance school culture and your staff’s well-being by deliberately engaging staff members, as adults, on the importance of positive relationships and character strengths in their own lives. We know that a fortunate byproduct of teaching P2 is the internalization of these concepts. However, this suite of resources will be intended to broaden your staff’s aperture of P2 beyond the classroom walls.

P2 for Educators Sample

Character Cards

P2 Character Cards are a completely open (public) resource. They provide a 1-page, detailed look at each character strength. These are available as weblinks and as PDF downloads from our searchable/sortable Resource Database. You can directly link any of these cards right into Google Classroom or send home links directly. Many P2 teachers use these cards regularly in the classroom, and we can’t overstate the value that we see in Partner Schools sending these home with students and parents.

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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional delivery model that allows students to explore an authentic, real-world task and challenges them to create a unique solution. Through the process, students will have opportunities to research and inquire, develop a unique solution, focus on reflection and feedback, and, finally, share their solution with an audience. PBL for The Positivity Project (P2) will focus on developing the 24 character strengths and the Other People Mindset within students.

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Book List

We know that character strengths are visible all around us — but especially in books. So, we’ve created this book list, sortable by grade level and character strength, with you. We hope you enjoy it!

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High School Elective

This course is an exploration of a life well-lived. It will invite students to understand psychology from a scientifically grounded strengths perspective and equip them to practically apply it as individuals. With units on topics like character strengths and positive relationships, this is an engaging introduction to important concepts for health and human development. Service-learning is a core component of the course, as students work together to develop and implement a project that can benefit the broader community.

Middle School Elective

P2’s middle school elective course will provide the space for academic conversations, interactive human connection activities, and a time during the day to intentionally address and practice the 24 character strengths. This elective is a discussion-based curriculum that allows students to deep-dive into character strengths and the Other People Mindset – in order to build positive relationships with each other and become their best selves. Each module will challenge students to enhance their own personal well-being and then use project based learning and a service learning component to help foster spaces that support goodness through the principles of the Other People Mindset.

Virtual-Friendly Resources

Regardless of whether your district will be teaching students in a virtual classroom or in a hybrid mix of in-person and virtual, P2’s suite of digital resources can meet your character education/SEL needs. All of the slides presentations are built in the Google Apps Suite and can be easily integrated with so many different learning platforms. From Edmodo to Google Classroom to Blackboard to Bloomz, we’re working hard to ensure that you’ll be able to deliver P2 content in any way you want!

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Relationships Course

P2’s Relationships Course allows educators to focus on building positive relationships with and among students in order to set the tone for the school year.  While the 15 minutes a day setup is familiar to P2 Partner Schools, we created this 2-week curriculum for middle and high school students as a way to kick off the year. The curriculum uses three tenants of the Other People Mindset to focus on how we can form relationships despite differences and in the absence of physical presence.

Service Learning

P2’s service learning opportunities serve as an avenue for students to serve their communities. The resource provides teachers with a variety of project options, along with an introduction to service learning and a reflection piece. These projects will help students practice different character strengths in real-time while helping their communities.

Mindful Moment

Our students’ lives and experiences have changed drastically compared to previous generations. As people’s needs and wants are met faster each day with the use of technology, we believe it is essential to give students an opportunity to take a break. Mindful Moment is a resource that teachers can use when students need to take a step back and take a moment for themselves. This resource gives three different ways of being mindful — through breathing, grounding, and savoring — with a variety of implementation ideas of how teachers can incorporate these techniques into their busy schedules.