Funding P2: Alternative Options

By Melissa Killingbeck

We believe that every student deserves to learn about the importance of character and relationships in their lives. These are the fundamental, lifelong skills that allow us to overcome life’s inevitable adversities and students need them now more than ever. As a former P2 elementary principal, I had the opportunity to experience firsthand the powerful impact this organization has made in our young people’s lives.  

We pride ourselves on providing world-class support to 670+ Partner Schools and 67k+ educators — and high-quality fully-digital P2 resources that include 400+ slide presentations and 1,000+ curated videos that impact the lives of over 394k+ students nationwide. 

Our Pre-K-12 digital curriculum meets schools’ virtual learning needs, is a Tier 1 SEL support, provides 3 hours of staff professional development through an online training course — and connects learning to students’ homes through the digital P2 for Families.

We work really hard to keep our prices as low as possible for all of our schools.  With that said, many of our Partner Schools with similar financial considerations have had success with alternate funding options, such as:

  • Title IV Grant- As part of a massive new spending bill, lawmakers are providing billions of dollars in aid through Title IV of the existing Every Student Succeeds Act to help boost safe and healthy learning opportunities for students, including initiatives that promote school safety and mental-health resources, such as SEL support (click here for more information).
  • CARES Act- Within this $2 trillion legislation, Congress has dedicated $13.2 billion of these funds for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund), to help K-12 schools throughout the U.S. prevent, prepare for, and respond to the impacts of COVID-19, including supporting the social-emotional needs of students (click here for more information).
  • District Curriculum Funds – A P2 Partnership includes access to our fully digital Tier I SEL curriculum differentiated by grade level (Pre K-12), 32-week strategy, and staff PD training resources. Talk to your district’s curriculum coordinator about the availability of curriculum funds to support this important SEL resource.
  • Local Support- Many communities have local businesses or organizations, such as United Way, Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, etc. who are very willing to support their local schools by providing donations to offset costs for programs like P2 that positively impact all students and their families. Consider reaching out to one or more of these organizations for financial support.
  • Professional Development FundsA P2 partnership includes an online training video and facilitator guide to lead professional development.
  • Parent/Teacher Organizations- PTO/PTA organizations frequently budget specifically for things that will positively impact all students and their families. Check with your school’s parent organization to see if they are willing to help defray costs. With most school activities ending abruptly in March of this year, many parent organizations may have unused funds they would be willing to redirect.

The Positivity Project is happy to work with you to extend payment terms while you await approval of your  Title I, Title IV, CARES Act, or any other grant application. That way, you can get started with P2 implementation before needing to pay.

We want to do everything we can to support our Partner Schools, so we pledge to make every effort to ensure there is a spot for you.  We are looking forward to a great school year no matter if the learning is in-person, virtual, or hybrid.



Wondering what The Positivity Project could look like in your classroom? We’d like to invite you, and any of your colleagues, to see what #PositivityInAction looks like with a free 7-day trial. You can sign up here so that you can get a true sense of The Positivity Project’s benefits: easy and adaptable for teachers, engaging and impactful for students, and a schoolwide common vocabulary, and positive culture.

Melissa Killingbeck

Melissa Killingbeck is the Michigan State Leader for The Positivity Project. Prior to retiring from public education in 2019, Melissa proudly served as an elementary teacher, instructional coach, and principal in the Flushing school district for 25 years. Melissa is passionate about P2, and as an elementary principal, helped lead her staff and students in its successful implementation. She has witnessed first hand the power of P2 and is “Fired Up” and honored to have the opportunity to help grow and support this powerful movement throughout the Mitten State. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan-Flint, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Marygrove College, and a Certificate of K-12 Administration from Eastern Michigan University. Melissa resides in Hubbard Lake, Michigan with her husband Casey, also a retired P2 principal, and their two children, Molly & Jack, both of whom attend Michigan State University - Go Green!