The Positivity Project Planner

Empowering students to build character, relationships, and academic success.

The Positivity Project Planner: Where Character Development Meets Academic Organization

Aligned to The Positivity Project’s 37-week annual calendar, The Positivity Project Planner is designed to help students build character and relationships – while keeping them organized and on-track academically. Each week showcases that week’s character strength or Other People Mindset element so that the discussions in their classrooms are reinforced as they plan out their days and weeks. Keeping the content top of mind in and out of the classroom further enhances students’ ability to build their character and relationships.

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Stay on Track Every Single Day

Our age-appropriate weekly layouts help students practice important executive functioning skills like planning, prioritizing, and time management. Unlike other planners in the marketplace, The Positivity Project Planner has planning pages designed specifically for elementary, middle, and high school students. The clutter-free pages reduce distractions so students can stay focused on the task at hand. With The Positivity Project Planner, students will gain confidence, develop good habits, and be empowered to succeed throughout their academic journey.

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Built to Last and Customized for your School

With The Positivity Project Planner, your students get a high-quality planner built to withstand all of the wear and tear of the school year. These durable planners feature plastic coil binding and rounded corners for extra sturdiness. Printed and assembled in the United States, they have an extra thick, soft-touch laminated cover that provides a luxurious feel and stand-out durability. And with bright white 70# interior pages, they’ll hold up to constant use. Best of all, the cover is customized with your school’s name, giving students a sense of pride. When you choose The Positivity Project Planner, you’re investing in a planner that not only builds character, relationships, and academic organization – but is also made to last.

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