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Teamwork/Citizenship - Week 4

By Jeff Bryan

We had two goals…One was to cherish every moment together, cherish the journey because the journey allows you to learn and grow. The other was to win a gold medal.

-Kerri Walsh-Jennings

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Starting Monday, Partner Schools nationwide are learning about teamwork & citizenship. These two words are grouped together as one character strength because they are inextricably linked, which is important to understand. Teamwork is the ability and willingness to place overall group success as a higher priority than individual achievement. Citizenship is a willingness to work towards the common good as opposed to one’s own self-interest. Pretty similar concepts, right?

Below is a video of an all-time great U.S. Olympic team: Misty May-Treanor and P2 Board Member Kerri Walsh-Jennings. Together, they won three consecutive Olympic gold medals. In doing so, they used teamwork — as well as their different, but complimentary, character strengths.


So, why do teamwork & citizenship matter?

Our ability to work effectively within group structures is tied directly to the group’s ability to succeed. In schools and workplaces across the world, commitment to teamwork and to the “greater good” helps further learning and achievement for all group members.  Maintaining the idea that #OtherPeopleMatter is essential to any successful team environment — and that includes teamwork as a country, too.


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Jeff Bryan
CEO and Co-Founder of The Positivity Project

Jeff Bryan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Positivity Project. In this role, he leads the organization to support educators to empower their students to build positive relationships and become their best selves.