Principal Pledge

Want to join the #OtherPeopleMatter Movement and bring The Positivity Project to your school? The Principal’s Pledge is now open. It takes just 10 minutes to complete.


School Principal

P2 Leader
Every Partner School has a single P2 Leader, who works alongside the principal. We recommend that this individual is enthusiastic about The Positivity Project -- and ensuring its effective implementation in your school.  
The P2 Leader is responsible for:
-Ensuring staff members are properly trained and equipped to effectively implement the P2
-Serving as the communications point person between the Partner School and the P2
-Telling the Partner School's story through writing, video, and social media
Note: The P2 Leader is also able to attend the P2 200 and P2 250 trainings for free, alongside other Partner School attendees.

School Counselor




By percentage, what is the racial and ethnic makeup of your school?
Please enter numbers for each answer. If you are not allowed to provide this information, please write "N/A".


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Principal support is essential to effective implementation of The Positivity Project. Principals are the unmistakable leader at each school and their encouragement inspires teachers and staff members to create new and exciting ways of infusing character strengths education into their classroom and school community. By demonstrating that they believe in The Positivity Project’s mission and that implementing its model is a priority, principals will foster a positive culture in which students and staff members consistently use character strengths vocabulary, have common reference points for identifying the good in others, and internalize the belief that Other People Matter.

Prior to becoming a Positivity Project Partner School, each school’s principal is requested to sign a non-binding pledge stating that they agree to the following:

  • To ensure students are learning to understand, appreciate, and articulate the character strengths in themselves and others, I will provide my school’s teachers with the necessary lesson planning time to implement The Positivity Project on a daily basis.
  • To build a stronger sense of school community and a common language when working with each other and our students, all of my staff will be encouraged to use character strengths vocabulary, and will be educated on positive psychology and the mission of The Positivity Project. This education will include all staff members taking the Values in Action (VIA) Survey to understand their own unique character strengths. (Note: Sharing personal results of their survey with others should be optional, but encouraged.)
  • To share ideas, find ways to incorporate The Positivity Project in school-wide events, and help track what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can maximize The Positivity Project’s effectiveness, my school will have a teacher-led character strengths education committee.
  • To remind students and staff that Other People Matter, every room in my school will have a printed copy of the Positivity Shield.
  • To connect with parents and help foster conversations about character at home, my school will develop a communications strategy to share updates about The Positivity Project. (Note: The Positivity Project recommends creating a social media account (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) as a key tool to consistently inform parents about character strengths education.)
  • To help measure The Positivity Project's impact at my school, I will encourage my school's teachers, students, and parents to complete the three Positivity Project surveys that occur during the school year. And, I will also provide The Positivity Project's research team with historic and current school-level academic, attendance, and behavior records.

I pledge to lead my building in implementing the ideas stated in the Principal Pledge.