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P2 Resources Overview

P2 is designed to have a “low floor, high ceiling, and wide walls.” That means it’s easy to teach, but you can take it to higher levels and tailor it to best meet your students’ needs.  *Spanish-speaking resources available.

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P2 For Educators

The purpose of these resources is to enhance school culture and your staff’s well-being by deliberately engaging staff members, as adults, on the importance of positive relationships and character strengths in their own lives.  Included with your partnership at no additional cost.

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We equip PreK-12 schools with digital resources, training, strategy, and support to teach positive psychology’s 24 character strengths and empower their students to build positive relationships.

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We welcome the opportunity to connect with you to learn more about the unique needs of your students. During this call, we can provide you with an in-depth virtual demonstration and answer any additional questions you may have about the P2 SEL curriculum and our character education program.  

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