P2 Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Grades Pre-K – 1st

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Teachers or parents can complete the PreK-1 survey ABOUT students. This is a way for teachers or parents to better understand the character strengths profile of individual students — and then communicate with students about those strengths.

The Positivity Project’s Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Pre-K – 1st is a concise assessment designed to provide individuals with a quick understanding of their personal character strength profile. While it is important to note that this survey has not undergone academic validation, it will serve as a valuable starting point for individuals interested in exploring their character strengths.

Please answer the questions below. Once complete, press “Submit” to see your student’s results. You will also be able to download a PDF of the results.

PLEASE NOTE: The Positivity Project does not collect any personally identifiable information through this survey.

Takes action even when scared.(Required)
Works hard to finish what they start(Required)
Always tells the truth(Required)
Has lots of energy and gets excited by many things(Required)
Cares deeply about other people(Required)
Enjoys doing good deeds for other people(Required)
Understands other people’s feelings(Required)
Appreciates beautiful things and watching others do things well(Required)
Says “thank you” often(Required)
Thinks the future is bright(Required)
Loves to laugh(Required)
Acts with intention(Required)
Thinks before acting(Required)
Acts as if driven by a plan(Required)
Does not brag or boast(Required)
Forgives others(Required)
Takes on leadership roles(Required)
Acts in a fair manner(Required)
Works well on a team(Required)
Listens to other people’s ideas(Required)
Gets excited about new content(Required)
Is willing to consider other people’s ideas(Required)
Enjoys trying new things(Required)
Displays creativity(Required)