P2 Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Grades 2-5

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The Positivity Project’s Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Grades 2-5 is a concise assessment designed to provide individuals with a quick understanding of their personal character strength profile. While it is important to note that this survey has not undergone academic validation, it will serve as a valuable starting point for individuals interested in exploring their character strengths.

Please answer the questions below. Once complete, press “Submit” to see your results. You will also be able to download a PDF of your results.

PLEASE NOTE: The Positivity Project does not collect any personally identifiable information through this survey.

I take action even when things are scary.(Required)
I don’t give up, even when things are hard.(Required)
I always tell the truth.(Required)
I have a lot of energy and feel that life is exciting.(Required)
Being very close to one or more person is important to me.(Required)
I enjoy helping other people.(Required)
I understand other people’s feelings and actions.(Required)
I appreciate the beauty in the world and seeing other people do good at something.(Required)
It is important to say “thank you” as often as possible.(Required)
I start each day believing it will be a good day.(Required)
I enjoy laughing, and I enjoy making other people laugh and smile.(Required)
I feel like I know what I am doing in life.(Required)
I think before I act.(Required)
I set goals and make plans.(Required)
I do not brag.(Required)
I forgive others when they make mistakes.(Required)
I like to be a leader in my groups.(Required)
I believe in being fair.(Required)
I like working on a team.(Required)
I think it is important to listen to other people’s ideas.(Required)
I get excited about learning something new.(Required)
I believe it is okay to change my mind.(Required)
I enjoy trying new things.(Required)
I enjoy being creative.(Required)