P2 Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Adults

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The Positivity Project’s Character Strengths Snapshot Survey for Adults is a concise assessment designed to provide individuals with a quick understanding of their personal character strength profile. While it is important to note that this survey has not undergone academic validation, it will serve as a valuable starting point for individuals interested in exploring their character strengths.

Please answer the questions below. Once complete, press “Submit” to see your results. You will also be able to download a PDF of your results.

PLEASE NOTE: The Positivity Project does not collect any personally identifiable information through this survey.

I know what I’m afraid of and take action to overcome my fears.(Required)
I complete what I start even if there are obstacles in my way.(Required)
I practice what I preach.(Required)
I feel energized and excited about life on a regular basis.(Required)
There is someone whose happiness matters to me just as much, or more, than my own.(Required)
I enjoy doing good deeds for people – even when I am not recognized for them.(Required)
I understand other people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.(Required)
I appreciate beautiful things I observe in nature as well as the various talents people have.(Required)
I am aware of and thankful for the good things that happen.(Required)
I believe that everything will work out.(Required)
I enjoy laughing, and I enjoy making other people laugh and smile.(Required)
My life has meaning and what I do matters.(Required)
I have the ability to consider the situation before responding.(Required)
I plan for the future and achieve my goals by making deliberate choices.(Required)
I allow my work to speak for itself—I do not brag, and I do not seek the spotlight.(Required)
I don’t hold grudges.(Required)
I am good at organizing others toward a common goal.(Required)
I believe all people have value and deserve to be respected.(Required)
I am reliable and dedicated to helping my team achieve their goals.(Required)
I think it is important to consider all sides and opinions before acting.(Required)
I love diving deeply into the subjects in which I’m interested(Required)
I actively look for evidence that goes against my opinion and take it into consideration.(Required)
I enjoy exploring new ideas, places, and activities.(Required)
I enjoy thinking about and doing things in original ways.(Required)