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Celebrating P2 Green Shield Schools - 2022-23

Green Shield Schools are recognized for exemplifying character and relationships-driven systems among staff, students, and families to cultivate lifelong learning and a positive school culture. Eleven P2 Partner Schools were awarded prestigious Green Shield Status for the 2022-23 school year. The application process was driven by six rigorous categories including: Staff Implementation, Student Leadership, Family Engagement, Professional Learning, Positive Climate, and The P2 Movement.

Be on the lookout for the 2023-24 Green Shield Application in the coming weeks!


Clovis Elementary, Clovis Unified

We are the Clovis Elementary Jaguars! We believe in high standards and that all kids can learn. We LOVE The Positivity Project because we have seen a huge difference in how students build relationships with others. P2 has created a safe and welcoming atmosphere on our campus. This award just validates the amazing work our students and staff are doing each and every day. P2 is infused into everything we do, and we are so happy to be able to recognize that work.

Lincoln Elementary, Dinuba Unified

Lincoln is a TK-6 elementary school located in Dinuba, CA. We serve approximately 600 students. We have AMAZING teachers, a supportive administration, wonderful support staff, and great parents who all work toward improving the lives of children. We believe that it is our purpose to serve students in the best way that we can. Lincoln is very proud of our staff for not only providing continuous education on character strengths for our students but also for appreciating every child’s unique propensity for greatness.

Loudon Elementary, Panama Buena Vista Union

Loudon Elementary is a K-6 Title 1 school located in the heart of Bakersfield, California. Loudon proudly serves 746 students. At Loudon, we believe in our school motto of “Every Student. Every Day. No Matter What.” The Positivity Project creates a positive culture and climate at our school, helps us build positive relationships, fosters strong character strengths in our students and staff, and increases awareness in all of us for self-confidence and recognizing the #OtherPeopleMindset.

I am proud of how my teachers have implemented P2 with passion and fidelity. My staff is invested in the well-being of every child on campus. I am proud to hear that when campus visitors come to our school site, they comment on the positive culture of our school. – Jared Cappolo, Loudon Principal



Avondale GATE Magnet School, Avondale School District

GATE Magnet School serves students in grades 2-8 residing in Avondale School District as well as students outside of the district through Schools of Choice. GATE Magnet School is dedicated to providing an innovative learning environment where gifted students can maximize their academic and social-emotional growth through personalized learning. P2 is important to our school community because many of the students who are identified as Gifted and Talented struggle with executive functions and social skills. P2 gives us tools and lessons to focus on as a school body and for teachers to consistently teach character and relationship skills that help students be more successful socially. We are most proud that our staff’s consistent and deliberate efforts in focusing on school-wide and classroom character education skills are paying off in our common vocabulary and systems that have shaped our positive school culture and are being recognized by P2.

St. Clair Middle School, East China Schools

St. Clair Middle serves learners in grades 5-8. We are located along the beautiful St. Clair River. We leverage consistent school-wide character strength vocabulary by using P2’s high-quality resources. We focus on what is good about life and believe in relationships before rigor. Our team is most proud of the commitment we have demonstrated to develop positive relationships throughout our school community by incorporating positive psychology into our school culture.

Whittemore-Prescott Elementary, Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools

Whittemore-Prescott Elementary is a small school in a rural community. P2 is important to our school community because it teaches students social and emotional skills. P2 is also in the process of being used as our PBIS program. We have seen our kids develop important life skills as a result of implementing The Positivity Project. We are so proud of our teachers, students, and families for being recognized for something so positive.

Whittemore-Prescott High School, Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools

Whittemore-Prescott High School is a rural school with 250 students in grades 7-12. Students come from three different counties to our building which is divided by two of the county lines. We have a high poverty rate and a transient population. The mission of the Whittemore-Prescott Area School Community is to produce citizens who can effectively communicate, gather and use information, and make responsible life decisions. We are most proud of the hard work of our staff and students, being recognized, and knowing that this work can be strengthened even more.

P2 has increased student pride and respect throughout the district. It has become a daily part of our school from starting the day to recognizing P2 students of the week. -Matt Jakubik Whittemore-Prescott High School Principal

North Carolina

Patriots STEM Elementary School, Cabarrus County Public Schools

Led by Mrs. Amy Peters, Mrs. Heidi Copeland, and Ms. Dee Smith, Patriots Elementary School serves approximately 800 students in the heart of Cabarrus County, North Carolina. In 2022, Cabarrus County Schools adopted The Positivity Project as our district-wide social-emotional learning program.

Here at Patriots, all students have 20 minutes of “P2 time” built into their daily schedule, and students look forward to this time each and every day. The Positivity Project is important to our school community as we work together on building relationships and a culture of belonging.

We want each and every child to recognize and build upon their personal strengths, and to use those in our school community to make it a place where all community stakeholders feel welcomed, expected, and valued. We want our students to go out and find opportunities to utilize their character strengths to build stronger and better communities both inside and outside of our school walls. Being a shield school shows our school community that Patriots Elementary has been, and will continue to be, dedicated to character education. P2 is something that our staff and students do daily not because they have to, but because they have noticed that stronger relationships are being built by consistently implementing this program.

Swift Creek Elementary School, Wake County Public Schools

Swift Creek Elementary School is a small gem in the middle of one of the nation’s largest districts. With over 90 years of rich history, our diverse school family prides itself on building and maintaining strong relationships among students, staff, families, and the community. While living out the Other People Mindset and building an understanding of our own and others’ character strengths, we have seen tremendous academic growth in our students over recent years. The Positivity Project has become a part of the fabric of our school and we are honored to have received the Green Shield Recognition for the 2022-2023 school year!

Our school began as a P2 Partner School in 2017, when we saw increases in disciplinary referrals and student safety screeners, and a decline in academic performance. Rooted in positive psychology, we know P2 applies to all people and focuses on our strengths, making it a great fit for our diverse population. The foundation of our school begins with building and maintaining strong relationships among students, staff, families, and the community. Year by year, our school community has deepened our understanding of the character strengths and Other People Mindset. P2 is woven into all aspects of who we are, what we do, and why our students are engaged in meaningful relationships and experiencing academic success.

Being recognized as a P2 Shield School has shown our remarkable staff that their dedication and commitment to student well-being is recognized, appreciated, and making a lasting impact in the lives of others. All SCES stakeholders (staff, students, families, and community members) have been dedicated to the P2 movement, allowing us to achieve this recognition. We have truly enjoyed celebrating our accomplishment together, as a strong, unified community.

New York

Lynnwood Elementary, Guilderland Central School District

Lynnwood is one of the five elementary schools in the Guilderland Central School District. Lynnwood has about 420 students in grades K-5. When you walk into Lynnwood, you see smiles on the faces of the students and adults. The brightly decorated walls celebrate students’ learning. You hear the murmur and excitement of engaged problem-solving. You feel the warmth and friendly nature that invites you to stay and be a part of the community. The Lynnwood community has worked together to develop a sense of strong character. Lynnwood has been involved with several community service projects, student-designed t-shirts, classroom posters and shout-outs, hall displays, and assemblies, just to name a few.

The Lynnwood community is proud of what we have accomplished in just two years. The recognition of the Green Shield award sends the message that our hard work has been noticed and provides an incentive to continue to grow. The Positivity Project fits perfectly with the district’s mission of developing well-rounded students who are lifelong learners that care about themselves, other people, and the world. P2 at the elementary level allows students to explore and begin to understand their strengths by naming them, defining them, and giving examples of each strength. Students start to realize that they, as individuals, can impact their own learning by the choices they make. Learning about their strengths can improve how they feel about themselves. This confidence opens doors to students so they begin to think about what they can contribute to their school community and even to the world.

The belief that every person has something to give is so very important. It takes time to figure out what that gift or strength is. The lessons in P2 allow students to view themselves in a positive way. What are my strengths, how can I use those strengths to learn and understand myself and other people? What makes me a special individual while being a part of a larger community? At Lynnwood, we strive to have students take ownership of their learning and we are always looking for ways to pave a path to a healthy and successful life.

Minoa Elementary, East Syracuse Minoa School District

Minoa Elementary is located in Minoa, NY, just outside of Syracuse. We are a K-5 building with just over 400 students. We started P2 in 2016 alongside 32 other schools nationwide! We love incorporating P2 strengths into our classroom morning meetings and throughout our school day! P2 is important to our school community because it gives us a common language to use across all grade levels. It is also important because it not only teaches us about ourselves but also prepares us for how we can successfully connect and have a better understanding of others. We integrate P2 strengths into our entire school community. It makes our team proud to know that all faculty and staff implement and value The Positivity Project. We can see the difference in our students, and it feels great to know that our efforts have been recognized as one of just eleven schools recognized out of 846 schools across the country.