Partner School Stories

Petite Positivity

By Kayla Sharpe

The Positivity Project as told by Indian Hill Elementary Students

Editor’s Note: This is a featured guest post from a Partner School student.


Jessie Leon, Age 7                                

“I think I show bravery because one time I was at a big pool party and I went down a big water slide for the first time. My favorite part [about The Positivity Project] is love because you should love everyone.”

Malik Youngs, Age 6

“[My best traits are] zest and enthusiasm, because I’m always excited to learn things or do new stuff. [The best part about the Positivity Project is] that you get to listen to what other people think about themselves.”

Izzy Thomas, Age 6

“[My best trait is] probably curiosity, because I just want to learn a lot. [The best part about the Positivity Project] is probably how it changes people’s lives.”

Farrell Garth, Age 10

“My best trait is probably humor. I like jokes. The best part [of The Positivity Project] is that we’re the first school in our county to try out The Positivity Project.”

Russell Heeke, Age 10

“My favorite [trait] is curiosity, because I’m always wanting to know more about everything. [My favorite part about P2 is] probably all the videos, and the school is the better place because everyone is showing all the traits. And they made the buddy bench, so if someone is by themselves they can play with other people.”

Izzie DuRussel, Age 10

“My favorite trait would be creativity, and I’m really good at leadership. I’m good at leadership because when I’m in groups I like to listen to other people’s ideas and try to lead, but not in a bad way, in a good way. And creativity is my favorite because I’m really creative with all of the posters we make in student council. [My favorite part about The Positivity Project is that] I think maybe if you were mean before, or say, if I thought I was a good leader before, now we’re becoming great leaders, and we’re learning how to even out all of our traits.”

Lucas Keisel, Age 7

“[My best trait is] kindness. When my brother falls down I always make sure he’s okay, and if he gets a scrape I tell my mom. [My favorite part about P2 is] how it makes the world a better place.”

Aarna Patel, Age 10

“My number one trait would probably be creativity because when we were in science we made this huge balloon tower, and my group didn’t really do it right so we made a huge balloon and called it Blobby, so we were creative about that. [My favorite part about P2 is] probably the videos, because they’re really fun: there’s Kid President, and Mr. Mitchell was on the news!”

Isaac DuRussel, Age 7

“[My favorite trait is] Open Mindedness, because I like to really just walk around when I go outside on the playground and just look at stuff and find out what it is.”

Elizabeth Hugo, Age 6 ½

“I think I show kindness the best. I show it with helping people, and how they feel, or if they’re sad or not. The most awesome part about [The Positivity Project] is that we get to watch videos sometimes about it.”

Torie Marks, Age 7

“I think zest and enthusiasm are the best for me, because sometimes I’m impressed with it, and then I start acting with it, and I’m okay with it, even if it’s like something I don’t like I still feel so good with it and I’m enthusiastic about it. The most awesome thing is that there’s lots of different people who have lots of different traits.”

Jonah Poirier, Age 7 ½

“Creativity is my best [trait], because at my house I like to create books. Kids are thinking about how other people matter now that The Positivity Project is at our school.”

Grace Yelen, Age 8

“[My favorite trait is] humor, because I like to laugh, and I think it’s really cool for me. [My favorite part about P2 is] I think the other kids are being nicer because other people are showing them leadership.”


Kayla Sharpe
Bobcat Banner Feature Editor

Kayla Sharpe is the Editor-in-Chief of The Bobcat Banner. She is a senior at Grand Blanc High School in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Kayla has always found joy in writing and reading, while presenting herself with an exciting challenge. As the Feature Editor, Kayla hopes to learn valuable writing and photography skills, better time management, and work ethic.