Elementary School

Positivity in Action at Little Run Elementary School

By Charlotte Quigley

After the whirlwind of the 2020-2021 school year we, at Little Run Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia, are excited to have students back in our classrooms! This year, Little Run is focusing heavily on the Social Emotional Learning of all of our students. While this is not the first year Little Run has implemented The Positivity Project in our school, this year has served as a “reboot” of sorts! 

Students at Little Run start each Monday morning with an introduction to the weekly character traits. Our student news anchors share the trait, discuss how they see it in themselves, and share a quote about it. After the news, students in all grade levels participate in a P2 focused morning meeting to dig deeper into the weekly traits and ground them in the #PositivityinAction mindset before they begin their day. Teachers love the structure of the slideshows. In addition, the extra activities give teachers the autonomy of finding the best way to work the lessons and conversations into their days. Our teachers intentionally carry the messages from morning meetings throughout their lessons to remind students that positivity happens all day, not just in the morning.  

New this year, teachers are being encouraged to use the P2 booklist to help support their student’s reading comprehension. In addition, our students have access to these stories in our library. We have found that they are checking them out and exploring them at home with their families. 

As we welcomed a new class of kindergarten students this year, our kindergarten teachers have been very impressed with the engagement level of their students. Many kindergarteners can be seen not only exhibiting the #PositivityInAction mindset but also openly communicating their strengths to those around them. Angela K, a Kindergarten teacher at Little Run says, “I love how ‘kid-friendly the language and videos are in the slide shows! Many of the video clips are from things our students are familiar with, which makes it awesome for engaging little ones. The questions that go along with each clip help guide deeper thinking in our students and that is really cool to see. We love P2 in Kinder.”

Charlotte Quigley

Charlotte Quigley is the School Based Technology Specialist at Little Run ES in Fairfax Va. As a classroom teacher for 8 years, Ms. Quigley used The Positivity Project in her classroom to support  her students' Social Emotional Learning. As the Technology Specialist, Ms. Quigley uses P2 to support Digital Citizenship lessons with students. “With the help of P2, we can help create generations of well-rounded students that value each other’s unique qualities.”