Creating a 1-Page Implementation Plan

By Jeff Bryan

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on The Positivity Project’s 1-Page Implementation Plan! This central hub is your starting point to explore tailored strategies for Elementary, Middle, and High School settings.

Overview: Discover how a succinct, 1-page plan can streamline your school’s approach to The Positivity Project. These plans offer clarity and focus for implementing with fidelity. Write down your plan for using P2 in classrooms, school-wide, and communications with staff and families.

Dive Deeper: Click the links below for each educational level. Each link showcases three unique examples, illustrating how schools at different stages can effectively utilize these plans.

  • Elementary Schools: Learn more (COMING SOON!)
  • Middle Schools: Learn more (COMING SOON!)
  • High Schools: Learn more (COMING SOON!)

Adapt and Implement: Learn how to customize these templates for your school’s specific needs and objectives.

You have enough on your plate. That’s why P2 is designed to be so easy to use. Download your 1-Page Implementation Plan — and click on the links above to start your journey toward a more focused and effective P2 implementation strategy in your school!

Jeff Bryan
CEO and Co-Founder of The Positivity Project

Jeff Bryan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Positivity Project. In this role, he leads the organization to support educators to empower their students to build positive relationships and become their best selves.