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The Positivity Project is happy to offer a connection to the services of former P2 Partner School Principal Andy Camarda and former Assistant Principal Sean Miller. Andy and Sean bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their work with public school leaders and systems. Learn more below and reach out to them if you’re interested in learning more.

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Want to build your positive leadership and lead a school focused on a positive culture and an “other people mindset”?  The Positivity Project now offers leadership coaches through a partnership with two certified leadership coaches.  Both coaches are former school administrators and certified under the International Coach Federation, whose principles of brain-friendly coaching are directly linked to the underlying tenets of The Positivity Project. 

Why coaching? 

Leadership coaching creates new insights around self-awareness, provides space to address challenges and plan-forward, and helps drive transformational change in leaders, the people they lead, and the systems they operate within.

Leadership coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take personal leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level — whether focused on the individual or on your entire organization. Coaches expand your thinking, inspire action, support greater accountability, and provide challenge and support to move you and your school forward. Leadership development coaching can help an individual leader, a school leadership team, or grade level teams to unlock their full potential.

For the components of The Positivity Project to be fully embedded and sustaining within the school and community, it is vital that Principals and Teacher Leaders exemplify and promote positive leadership as they interact and provide messaging daily.

Both leadership coaching and building coaching skills can have a lasting impact on your school’s culture centered on positive relationships and the support of others.  The work of P2!

Our coaches specialize in personalized leadership coaching for Principals and Teacher Leaders, helping them show up each day as brain-friendly “coach-leaders” and equipping them with the mindset and skills to have growth-focused conversations propelled by positive language. Our leadership coaching services can help you be the school leader you want to be while navigating complex challenges and driving results.  

What is Individual Leadership Coaching? 

We help school leaders transform challenges into development opportunities, plan for “what’s next,” and enhance overall performance in support of school-based and district goals. Coaching specifically addresses the following leadership needs:

  • Building positive relationships:
  • Communication: Understanding how to have supportive “brain-friendly” conversations with staff and stakeholders that lead to positive change.
  • Productivity: Increasing personal efficiency and developing a greater ability to create and sustain high-performing teams
  • Self-Awareness: Grounding to personal mission, vision, and values, greater self-efficacy, and confidence.
  • Cultural Proficiency:  your staff and school community at a deeper level. Communicating to better understand their challenges and tailoring your support to meet them where they are.

Coaching encourages a leader to think with a “systems lens”- assessing how daily interactions and decisions impact staff, teams, central office, and overall mission. Coaching is at the center of supporting personal competence, interpersonal relationships, and school-system goals.

How is this unique, powerful, and cost-efficient leadership development?

  • Streamlined, result-based coaching. Actionable and to the point.
  • Personalized job-embedded staff development.
  • Future-focused, always leaving leaders with a plan-forward.
  • Allows leaders to “cut out the noise” and focus on their needs without bias.
  • Sends a powerful message to leaders. “We provide you with the highest quality PD.”
  • Return on investment measurements (quantitative and qualitative) are provided.  

Positivity Project offers this service to you as another tool to create a school where relationships and people matter, and serve as the foundation for truly happy staff, students, and community. 

Our leadership development coaching services can be delivered virtually, via phone, or videoconference.

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About Us

Andrew (Andy) Camarda and Sean Miller bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their work with public school leaders and systems. They discovered their passion for supporting people through coaching while working together in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) at Lemon Road Elementary – Andy as the Principal and Sean as the AP. They believe in the positive potential of building leaders and their goal is to help them have the greatest impact on the schools, students, communities, and stakeholders they serve.

Andy is a credentialed coach with 29 years of experience as an educational leader in FCPS. During that time, he served as a Principal, staff developer, principal-mentor, and teacher. He retired as an elementary school principal after being in that capacity for 13 years. As a principal, he successfully led a culturally diverse staff (over 100 employees) and community populations representing over 40 nations. The schools he led received both Gold Medal and Virginia Performance Award distinctions.

As a coach, he has supported the development of individuals, teams, and organizations representing a variety of fields including start-ups, nonprofits, education, health care practices, and government. He specializes in coaching organizational leaders, as well as emerging leaders preparing for their next role. He also teaches a four-day leadership seminar: Leadership Coaching for High Performance that provides leaders the tools to “show up” and be a coach-leader fostering the performance of those they lead. In addition to coaching, he is the primary staff developer for the Positivity Project (P2), a non-profit organization that translates positive psychology principals to school settings by equipping and empowering teachers with the resources needed to teach students positive character traits built on empathy, cultural proficiency, and deep relationships.

Sean has over 15 years of experience developing leaders in the federal government, public education, and business world. He currently leads Evans Consulting’s Leadership Development and Coaching Division, focusing on client delivery and building business partnerships. Sean’s background is in empowering people to achieve results through his development and delivery of tailored professional learning programs. His approach to coaching and development is grounded in positioning his clients to be reflective practitioners, which leads to discovering personal insights, new perspectives, more highly effective behaviors, and ultimately better business results.

Prior to his current work, Sean was a teacher-leader and Assistant Principal in FCPS for 11 years. He coached individuals to grow in their roles, facilitated teacher training, and headed school improvement initiatives. As a Principal Consultant with Evans, Sean supported senior executives in the Federal Government with aligning talent to their business objectives and building supportive workplace cultures within change management and organizational development projects.

Sean is a certified executive coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  He also holds professional certifications in project management (PMP), and Korn Ferry’s Leadership Architect and 360 Assessment.

Contact us today and begin your road to more effective leadership, as well as a more positive life and school built upon deep relationships and a mindset of the power of putting other people first.