Elementary School

Reflections from Second Grade at Cunningham Park Elementary

By Susan Haas

(Unedited) Reflections on The Positivity Project 

“I think the perseverance helped me NEVER to give up.  I like how they had videos to show you the lessons.  I like the positivity project.  I learned to NEVER give up and to try new things.”

-Jade Sweeney

“My favorite part about The Positivity Project is the videos because some of them are funny and some of them are kind and I also like the questions because they made me smarter.”

-Nelson Portillo

“Other People Matter – means that not everything is about you, some stuff is about you but some stuff is about others too.  Humor – is something where you say something funny and you laugh.  Sometimes it makes other people laugh too.  Kindness is something where if someone is homeless and you give them stuff you’re being kind by giving stuff.”

-Katy Kristick

“The Positivity Project taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated.  It also taught me humor and other traits like: fidgety, hyper, sad, thoughtful, mean, happy, and lots more.  It taught me that other people matter.  That means to me that you take care of you and you take care of other people.”

-Damian Pimentel

Susan Haas
Second Grade Teacher, Cunningham Park Elementary

Susan is a second grade teacher at Cunningham Park Elementary School in Vienna, Virginia.  Susan has embraced The Positivity Project both in her classroom and in her own family.  She has noticed a dramatic difference in her classroom as a result of the program.