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P2 Meals on Wheels at Potsdam HS

By Halle Varney

The Positivity Project (P2) Club at Potsdam will be partnering with Meals on Wheels to deliver senior citizen orders to their respective complexes. Orders will be dropped off in the community rooms of the residencies where seniors can pick up their groceries. To make this as simple as possible, each senior is assigned a number that’s written on the bag containing their order. This weekly process has proven to the students, staff, parents, and administrators watching this dream become a reality, that it is not to be taken lightly. Numerous seniors have emailed Potsdam P2 Club advisor, Dan Davis, with messages of gratitude for what we, as a club, do.

However, this project has had some struggles and roadblocks. We have worked through obstacles with our system for packing orders in the Food Market and at the complexes themselves. In terms of the food market, we received over thirty orders in under two days, all mainly from Mayfield Apartments. Before that, we were used to filling about fifteen in a four-day period. Filling over thirty in that same amount of time seemed nearly impossible. To combat this, about eight students made time in their day to come to school on a Sunday to complete filling orders. It usually takes about an hour to checkout, inventory our items, and bag around 5 orders. We were able to fully complete, checkout, and inventory all our items for the thirty orders in just over three hours that day. In addition, Midtown Apartments, being a metal building, had difficulty passing WiFi connections through to the iPad that was there. Unfortunately, the order form wasn’t able to load and the senior residents were unable to order for a period of time. Of course, mistakes and difficulties are to be expected. As our advisor, Mr. Davis says, “if nothing is going wrong, something is going wrong”.

This initiative from the Potsdam Positivity Club has already been featured in newspapers and in a news segment. Newspapers include NorthCountryNow and The Watertown Daily Times. The television program WWNYTV also interviewed Kevin Bou-Abdallah and Halle during the presentation of the check from KFC.

Halle Varney

Halle Varney is currently a junior at Potsdam Central High School and the secretary of the P2 club. She's lived in Potsdam her whole life and has been involved with the Positivity Project since eighth grade. Outside of school, you can usually find Halle playing volleyball, making jewelry, singing, drawing, or having fun with her family and friends.