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On March 26, 2021, we celebrate will #InternationalSELDay and we want to put the spotlight on our fantastic Partner School Educators!  We have always known that you are servant leaders. But in difficult times, we faced over the last year, that has become even more clear. The positive example that you’re setting for your students — through your creativity, optimism, kindness, perseverance, bravery, self-control, love (and so much more) — will be in their memory and shape their character for the rest of their life.

We’ve watched you show up selflessly to serve your students, whether it was:

  • learning new tools and technology to engage with them
  • hand-delivering materials and meals to student homes
  • creating videos of yourselves reading books aloud to your students
  • working with parents to develop distance learning plans
  • hosting virtual challenges for students to support their communities, 
  • posting daily workouts to keep your students active while they practice social distancing
  • the list goes on…  

Seeing you tapping into your positive relationships and character strengths — i.e., demonstrating #PositivityInAction — helped your students learn to be resilient in the face of adversity.  

Tell us, what are your top character strengths and what is your favorite way to teach SEL?

To use the image above, simply right-click it to save it to your device.  To share on social media, use the text tool to fill in the blanks.  Be sure to tag us and use both the #P2SELfie and #InternationalSELDay so we can show off how amazing you are.  You are on the front lines of the American Dream — shaping the next generation of leaders and citizens. And, our nation is lucky to have you leading from the front.

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