Partner School Stories

Armstrong Middle School Fall 2021

By Douglas Hibbs

Armstrong Middle School has started The Positivity Project off this year, 2021-2022, with an added Advisory Period to the schedule.  Students started off with the survey to find their top character strengths and see which ones they needed to be more aware of.  Armstrong Staff and Students will continue to investigate and dissect character strengths, build deep-rooted relationships, have positive movements/events, and discuss relevant mental health topics.

An AMS Student, below, has stated that she enjoys The Positivity Project as it helps her and a lot of people understand more about themselves and others.  “It teaches empathy, how to handle others in certain situations, show that you care, and to just be nice!  Outside of school, it will help me to help others, to lend a helping hand.”

“We, at Armstrong, believe that everyone matters, we try to live by the Other People Matter Mindset.  Knowing that mental health is needed more now than ever, we are digging deeper with The Positivity Project, Equity and Equality and Trauma-Informed Conversations”, Mr. Hibbs.

Douglas Hibbs

Mr. Douglas Hibbs is the Assistant Principal and one of the P2 Leaders at Armstrong Middle School in Flint, MI.  He has spent 20 years in Education.