Partner School Stories

Aldrin Elementary School Fall 2021

By Casey Salerno

We have been implementing  The Positivity Project school-wide at Aldrin Elementary School for several years now. As one of Aldrin’s school counselors, I help guide teachers in implementing lessons and discussions about the P2 character strengths each week. We share weekly news updates with our community about the weekly character strength using the amazing P2 for Families resources. We incorporate all that P2 has to offer by reinforcing the concepts at both school and home. We have found this to be an incredible way to emphasize our school values while creating a positive school environment. 

P2 works well for our school because all of the resources are easily accessible and ready to go. Teachers are able to incorporate the materials into our already established morning meetings. It is a great way to not only build a positive, cohesive school culture but also to seamlessly implement those crucially important social-emotional learning topics through fostering meaningful discussions about the #OtherPeopleMindset. This year, SEL is important as ever and P2 is one important piece of our school’s SEL implementation! 

At the beginning of this school year, we wanted to refresh our bulletin board in the cafeteria. We had our students choose one of their own character strengths and took a photo of them with that word. It resulted in a beautiful collage of our students and all their unique character strengths! It was wonderful to see our teachers and students buy into the project and have fun with it. Plus, they now get to see it every day when they go to the cafeteria for lunch!

Casey Salerno

Casey Salerno is a school counselor at Aldrin Elementary School in Reston, VA. This is her fourth year as a school counselor and second year at Aldrin Elementary as a P2 leader. She loves helping her elementary students embrace their own character strengths at an early age!